Mother nature is a myriad of complex living organisms working together to bring new life, as we humans work in unison to harness the essence of nature. New discoveries are made daily, bringing us one step closer to unlocking the mysteries in nature. After years of simulating complex environments, U.S.A BioTECH LAB has discovered a new synergy of four unique ingredients:  Our success comes from getting to the core of the problem, it is inside of our bodies where aging cells decay over time and display imperfections on our skin. These impurities are signs of what make us human, however not a disease, merely the natural system setup as part of nature’s ecosystem. Of all the things we researched, we discovered the answer in proteins and peptides. Formulating various compounds and mixtures from living plants, we finally discovered the perfect design inside of living organisms. Thus began the creation of, mimicking the regenerative properties of peptides inside of plants and harnessing the materials from living plants and organisms.

bottles-copy6It is as simple as it sounds, taking the properties of living organisms to essentially cure the aging properties of our skin. There are millions upon millions of varying peptides, comprised of only twenty different types amino acids to create a peptide. Targeting the right group of peptides is where the tricky part comes in, while also creating a delivery system that will keep the organisms in tact. The interesting thing about many other skin procedures, like rejuvenation devices, lasers, and dermal fillers is that they all work with peptides serums in anyway.

Plants and animals have continually evolved through many generations of lifeforms. Peptides are no different, as the world changes, so does the need to create a new living organism. As water and air pollution increase—the changes to our environment also rapidly increases, creating a more hostile environment to live in. The creation of peptides is an advance in evolution, to solve the aging problems of our mortality. It nurtures our skin back to good health, getting to the root of the problem inside of our cells. The life force inside of us is collagen;  increases the production of collagen to bring back the youthfulness of our skin.

The future in technology is not through man made synthesis of unnatural products, instead it is through organic technology that will unlock the key to our youth. takes the first step to work side-by-side with nature, creating a solution to the growing problems of today. Biology is the study of living things, it only makes sense that we use natural materials to heal ourselves.

Burcu Akan_MPH Administrator