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Miss Ephesus has  dreamed of traveling through time. The question is how much Miss Ephesus can manipulate it for your own ends, and control your motion through time? What if she met time travelers in her dreams to awaken you for future?

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We see the universe in three spatial dimensions. Time – the fourth dimension – exists as a separate entity.
The time direction of the space-time surface also shows curvature, there is evidence showing the closer to a black hole we get, time moves slower.
While is it mathematically feasible, it is not yet possible to build a space-time machine because we need materials – which we call exotic matter – to bend space-time in these impossible ways, but they have yet to be discovered.”
Where space and time are connected within the distorted fabric of the universe.
So you might say we’re progressing quite nicely toward making time travel a reality, but it sure would be nice if someone from a future where they’ve already got it figured out came back to help us out. Time to keep a close eye out for any real-world TARDISes and Time Lords.
Spacetime geometry is geodesically incomplete, contains naked singularities, and requires exotic matter,” the two scientists conclude.
Futurama aside, the idea of traveling backwards in time will likely continue to fascinate humanity, but that half of time travel — the “back” half — will almost certainly remain a fiction eternally into the future. It’s not mathematically impossible, but the Universe is based in physics, which is a special subset of mathematical solutions. Based on what we’ve observed, our dreams of correcting our mistakes by going to the past will likely exist in our imaginations alone.


Than Miss Ephesus asks what is time has to do with life, when time applies the body movements with past and future everything is the same we all did and we all gonna do on our body movements. We still can not fly without wings, we still stay hungry when we smell the food and eat, we still get hurt can not protect the body from diseases or accident  we all have same body movement no matter what time or century, except one thing is changing in time is the inner feelings are amazinly discovering new feelings that we are not familiar or never given the freedom to realize or did not have the tools to create magic from a wifi technology. When it judge from past and future human souls are the only matters it makes a different in time. We are constantly looking forward to gain feelings not passing time. So today Miss Ephesus suggests to world sleep more, dream fearless, follow who makes you forget time and help you re-discovered the new senses, new feelings & new exotic matter to create and invent the future without time.
And she follows her dreams…


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