Whisper in today’s dream

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pixie dust fairy


When to many coincidence happens, make sure where is the string attach to” in May 9 2017 I found out that strongest string about to come.

Organisms are capable of forming a diverse array of minerals, the distinction is a matter of classification and less to do with the constituents of the minerals themselves.  Some minerals often have special uses such as magnetic sensors for being support, defense and feeding organisms.

Just like the asparagus you are eating or dangerous chemical you are breathing or the diamonds you are looking or the dream you are seeing is attach to a string happens to be the coincidence in your live. Why we all not get affected the things we expose the same way? Than coincidence is a string of purpose for my opinion. Now let’s see where Today’s mystery journey about to take me?

Coincidence is the clock ♦️ tik tack tick tack ♦️one person actions are the time we are chasing for to discovere new feeling. Given one historic person is how close we are the found the begining of string and start a new begining.  Now this opinion of my explains that, why Leonardo Da Vinci decide to paint Mona Lisa. Because she is all about the time travel to future of my actions, when I will tell you my opinion, why is in that picture is seeing by millions of peoples in a period of time with many eyes, souls, and senses and why I will be the only one will come close to that answer and the coincidence took me of that time period to understood how Leonardo Da Vinci is one in a billion and how Mona Lisa is revolutionary one women.

Burju Akan

Editor in Chief


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Founder of BAKANTV.US Sep, 2012 ©This is a writer's opinion or standpoint on an issue.

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