A super-connector is a person, group, or technology that holds the trust of a large group of people and has a means of reaching out to them directly. These two ingredients allow one to become a facilitator of smart connections.

For those of us who want to harness the power of super-connectors, there’s a simple formula: instead of asking for things, provide value.

  • The Empowerer

They say it’s better to teach a man to fish than to give him a trout. This brand of super-connectors focus is on putting fishing poles in the hands of those who lack them.

A business-builder and prolific speaker with a relentless schedule, Vanderveldt has made waves with her personal mission to “empower a billion women.” I believe if we’re going to get our global world where we want it to be, we really need to do it through a new set of eyes,” Vanderveldt says. “We’re here to create the win-win, and if we do that, our vision is that you’re going to make way more money than we would ever make off of this deal.”

  • The Curator

If The Empowerer is about providing fishing poles, The Curator tries to put the right fish in ponds together, for maximum mutual value:

Founder of 2DegreesVentures, Kanner is the man you don’t know is behind some of the most splashy celebrity/product integrations in pop culture, from Samsung’s celebrity smartphones to AT&T and Kiefer Sutherland. Kanner’s mission is to cut out middlemen and other barriers and connect talent directly to ventures they believe in and products to fans who’ll appreciate them rather than begrudge the interruption.

One of the nerds behind G4’s Attack of the Show and now a producer for The Tonight Show, Purcell is a unique brand of a super connector, Purcell says. “The benefit of me being here and having had a foot in this world and a foot in that world is that I can bridge those two gaps.”

  • The Recommendation Engine

Some people simply know people. But rather than hoard their networks to themselves, this brand of super connector prides her/himself on spreading the love–but only when it makes sense to both parties.

Superconnectors know everyone and everyone knows them. These people build relationships very quickly and with a lot of people. Super connectors are invaluable people. They match people with opportunities and, in doing so, they leave their connections with a positive opinion of them and their abilities. One of the major misinterpretations people have about connectors is that is that it is easy to be a super connector. It is not. In fact, it is very difficult to become a super connector, because it requires the unique ability to understand a person’s needs moments after meeting them. (Shane Snow,, 2014)

Superconnectors know what we want, super connectors like to stay in “in the know.” They will know what each of their connection is capable of, who is in their network, and what connections need or are looking for.


Superconnectors can be trap between people, cause they are well talented, also demands are huge for their unique ability to see the needs of people networking circle. The art of networking changes every time a new social media app is born and the principle of human connections making the difference for success will be fundamental as long as human beings care about relationships.




Can you sell your own personal data?

A profile that provides an overview of your data for potential data purchasers. Also lowlifes and thieves making money from stolen data; if your data is the news source in a digital world, hackers welcome you into the marketplace and follow your every move until finally, the most important information seekers secret expose with my blog.  It isn’t just the ‘con artists’ who are benefiting from your data the next time your information is hacked. You can capitalize too.

There are companies are in the data storage business which are planning a service to allow businesses to approach individuals who want to share their data.  It backs up social media accounts for subscribers, so it’s a logical progression to take that aggregated data and sell it.

Now, the really big question is: can your ISPs see the content of your online interactions? Can it read your emails? Can it read your search results? Can it store and search through the words you typed into a webpage?

And the answer is: yes, sometimes.

Your ISP already knows quite a lot about you: your name and address, quite possibly your age, and a host of other personally identifiable information such as your social security number. That’s on the customer information side. On the service side, they know which websites you visit, when, and how often.

What to do

So, the logical question is: what can you do about it? If the world wants to follow you, hacked you, and use all the information belongs to you as theirs, and the Congress cannot protect your rights since they have no clue really how important is your personal information, cause you are broken from by taking all your privacy rights and cannot ask for justice because you are the first EXAMPLE of these messes… Then it gives me one option I will expose my data myself. Cause my darling “My data broke the Internet”.

This will now allow ME to share MY data with whomever I like, under MY control, and make money out of it, as well as lots of other things.

Author: Burcu Akan – Editor In Chief

SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 Burcu Akan’s data menu:

Lynx Lyric

This song lyrics “Lynx” written by me almost 3 years ago based on a dream, now I will never let it go, now I can breathe for future what is love.

I am a songwriter and my music lyrics does comes from my dreams with my illusionary world. It represents past, now and future. The moment is my reality when act on with conscious imaginations. True treasures confirm by an instinct of given visions, traveling on time pleasure to write my music lyrics for future generations to rapid and transfer it to time, cause possibilities only exist with love where body and mind meets and seize the shadows of the measurement start with the most mysterious feeling of words. Words become sentences, sentences become songs, song become who we are for centuries to sing and honor the past future and present…

I HAVE OVER 40 SONG LYRICS AND TOP 25 DEFINITELY MAGICAL… My lyrics are songs only for chosen voices by me.  Cause it is not the voice, music, and lyrics makes top songs, it is the hearts complete the mind of unities vision.

P.S – SORRY ABOUT MY SINGING TALENT just concentrates on song lyrics if you can…