Many people don’t realize the global cost to run the Bitcoin network, with electricity costs at millions of dollars every year.

Solar power could transform small communities around the world, but remote villages can’t always scrape together the thousands of dollars required to install the requisite cells.

BAKANTV Editor in Chief claims that Environmental Differences basically result from the mobility of computing devices, applications and people, which leads to highly dynamic computing environments. BAKANTV International Channel Development Center justify adaptation operations between networks to cooperate spontaneously and opportunistically deal with international conflicts between countries and cultures.

The term “adaptation” in computer science refers to a process, in which an interactive system (adaptive system) adapts its behavior to individual users based on information acquired about its user(s) and its environment. Computer language is not a “jibberish” language. Humanity does not speak the computer language more the computer culture is not balanced around the world.

Worldwide to negotiate and facilitate the communication across the well-known user-developer gap while acknowledging the different forms of expression and different requirements on each side despite the implementation of a human-centered design process, some types of modern applications require in order to connect the dots between cultures.

Author: Burcu Akan – Editor In Chief