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Seller’s Notes
1+Years FULLY AUTOMATED Brand advertisers. Made in U.S.A brand.

Get in business instantly with the brand already marketed over 1 year. NO experience required.

We are offering up PIXIEDUSTFAIRY.COM / / – fully POPULAR BRAND NAMES in the multi-billion ADVERTISEMENT industry.


Imagine owning a WEBSITE suddenly that is worth millions of dollars in popular brand name with STORY.

In addition, this site is TRADEMARK with a powerful brand name which allows you to automate every necessary action to start your business name. All can be done at the press of a few clicks. Therefore a complete hands-free business for you.

Here’s what you get:

– A fully automated site-you don’t have to do any techy setup

– Order fulfillment that is as easy as clicking a mouse,

– A reverence domain name that is primed to be worth far above the value. More than a domain this is a BRAND name. As you probably know, a great brand name domain is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get these days.


Pixie Dust / / are the important popular name for fun and popular brands especially millennial age, These names become a very positive wish necessity to every fashionista! A book name, Cartoon character, Virtual Reality Game, Fame name, make-up line, student brands etc.,

According to a report by Research and Markets, the global young market is expected to reach 213,519**** BITCOINS – roughly valued at$3.5**** bln in 2018. The younger generation industry has also been following the trend; Hollywood cartoon film brand names in the US was estimated to be Brand value: $36.5 billion This growth is attributed to the flourishing online sales as consumers are becoming more profitable with buying online in younger ages.


Millennials like email and Facebook and want to be loyal to brands.

Millennials(age 22 to 37) Brand Loyalists: “Millennials stick with the companies they know and trust, demonstrating the most brand loyalty of all the generations. This means they are most open to marketing messages – assuming their interactions are personalized, brands stay true to their promises and their customer loyalty is rewarded.”

Now that online shopping is widely preferred by a large number of people due to the convenience it offers, POPULAR NAME shoppers are not excluded from this trend. This site offers a good news for any entrepreneur aiming to tap into the multi-billion dollar shopping industry. So, no better time than now to secure grab it.

With this site, you will be capitalizing on the popularity of online shopping and as well selling the explosively demanded popular brand name to the increasing dreamily conscious people.

No better time than now to grab this store, else someone else reading might use the BIN button ahead of you. BUY IT NOW!

Take a look at how many people are searching for TOP popular names and similar terms in the US in a month as obtained from Keywordspy: Pixie Dust Fairy, “With four generations wielding significant spending power yet vastly different shopping habits, marketers need to target each age group with distinct messaging through different channels,” explains the marketing group. “While older generations tend to put price, selection, and convenience above all else, younger shoppers want personalized, cross-channel experiences. What’s more, go-to-market strategies are often driven by stereotypes for each generation but as it turns out, many of these stereotypes might be misleading.” Because of this reason choosing right brand name label is very important.

Fact: Millennials like email and Facebook and want to be loyal to brands.

Fact: Young shoppers are moved by social media, according to a recent study, with the youngest shoppers influenced most by the social channels. / SOLARbitcoin,us comes with all social media names facebook+Instagram history #hastag #PIXIEDUSTFAIRY

Fact: Centennials (under 21) Experience Generation: “This youngest group of shoppers wants authentic brand names experiences across all channels, and values quality over price or convenience. As digital natives, Centennials (consumers under the age of 21) don’t engage in the traditional customer service channels (such as phone or email), but they still expect personalized interactions with popular name brands that understand their needs.”

Fact: “The problem marketers face in effectively communicating with shoppers in every age group is that each generation’s buying habits, from research to purchase, vary significantly due to the evolution of technology brand name over the last decade,”


Domain name is an integral part of the way the internet functions as it directly represents the name of a business brand. Long-term growth in value is tied to this solid domain – PIXIEDUSTFAIRY.COM which was first registered 2 years ago and was renewed by us, contains the basic factors that directly contribute to a premium domain name: memorability and keyword/SEO optimization potential. Domains with history rank easier than new domains, and that means more visibility in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

If you’re looking for a premium domain name to venture into millennial business, it’s going to be a challenge to find one with the aforementioned qualities. However, we are offering you this great premium name – PIXIEDUSTFAIRY.COM. This name lends credibility and respectability to your business venture.

Therefore, the future prospects for an investment in this offer have a significant upside and are highly profitable for the foreseeable future.


Responsive Design: The website features high-quality post design

Feature Rich: The website is built on high demand advertise platform.

Content Management System: Easily control every aspect of the website from the administrator area of the website. You can update product information, text and design elements from the administration area of the website.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: The website supports FACEBOOK, TWITTER & INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. Market intelligently spread internationally world-wide-web.


I am currently working on other projects which wouldn’t give me time to focus on this business at the moment. I know this business brand name is profitable cause I build it from scratch. That is why I want to pass the full business BRAND NAME on to someone who will have a future with it! I’m selling it exclusively for this reason. So the site is here for you, continue building with care and to achieve maximum results.


The buyer will get the following:

• All online sites have a highly popular search brand name

• USA based brand

• User-friendly backend. Very easy to transfer the account!

• Full Rights to the Brand name with Trademark.

So GRAB IT NOW before someone else snatches it!

Stop looking for the perfect business because THIS IS IT. Grab PIXIEDUSTFAIRY.COM/  today. Your new business Brand Name is waiting for you.

Remember no matter what are you working for or who you are working with, always recognized a good leader, “the BEST LEADERS ARE THE ONES NEVER HANDSHAKES only exchange promises.


Today’s Leader is the Storyteller-in-Chief. You stand before your colleagues, your board, your investors, with nothing more than your presence, passion, and knowledge. Your leadership brings them to “Yes.” Be in the moment
Master details effortlessly and able to explain clearly.

Doormen’ are “incredibly efficient, smart and funny”.“ they get my industry and get it right every time”.

Middlemen’ are ” who manage to survive and hang out with you and they believing you”

Leaders are “who can really spot you out of billion people”

BURCU AKAN – Editor in Chief

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Founder of BAKANTV.US Sep, 2012 ©This is a writer's opinion or standpoint on an issue.

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