Robot Voice Control

image.pngLook 100 years into future, or even 50, or the future is now and we are creating science fiction. 2018, though, is just on the edge of the horizon. While details are evidence, to broad outlines of technology are already in view. These past couple years, the move from mass production to mass customization, as Burcu Akan puts it, will be much advanced. Today, only the rich can afford to design a custom- build a unique house. We’re already switching from broadcast media which everyone tunes into the local DJ’s picks to personalized media that the one in control of your wifi is in charge what the world listen instead. By 2018 rich people provide access a universe of your private personal data information of from your private space your movies, news, music and even your phone calls are on the world web data and in government hands. Yet the future is all about at data links, refreshingly, the stuff of yesterday’s science fiction is now the easiest technology to predict, cause the any given highest title powerful leaders sitting and watching you with a microscope to steal your smartest ideas and expose it as theirs.robot

One widely held vision of future is of a person living in the locked cubes. Secretly homes become mass customized, not mass pass produced. The Lawmakers, congress have agreed on contracts such as anyone in the world can monitor your privacy, your connections even your walls connect the floors, pipes to plumbing, wires to appliances, digital devices to networks. Then today homes can be built out of rich people hired by government politicians in control. Homes become the ultimate lifestyle product that dominates the world without the person of privacy rights. Homes you are living now become cooperate office for someone else pocket hired by the country citizen you and control by the vote you choose. broadcasters force man suicide
The cell phones becoming organizers and cameras, overall, the technology will be indoor extraordinary pressure to change as homes take on all of these complex activities. While you pay a certain amount of money and have access to a huge pool of stuff this luxury going to follow you around. A ubiquitous supernetwork recognizing your moves all in one portable device, which may be no longer than a locked or watch to provide access your personal life, it becomes a threat on your business deals and lifestyle.cellbot_voice-controlled_diyobot