“A Search for Satellites and Dust Belts Around Asteroids” 18 Melpomene is a large, bright main-belt asteroid. This is a one rousing star transmitting to good news celebrate with dance and song.hb_1986.475a-c.jpg

Magnificent gold-covered staffs like this one are carried by high-ranking officials within the courts of Akan chiefs in an area of Magnetic waves are the main force in star formation in space, solving complex problems revolving around the particle cosmos, like dark matter and quantum gravity, the spoken word, in the form of axioms and stories, is the repository of Akan custom and values, and a complete mastery of proverbial lore, combined with an eloquent and insightful way of conveying it, is considered the mark of intellect of highly esteemed individuals. The finials of these staffs commonly illustrate proverbs that assert the AKAN ruler’s legitimacy and capabilities or praise the linguist’s experience and sagacity. This staff is surmounted by two human figures flanking a large web, “No one goes to the house of the Ananse to teach her wisdom.”, who brought wisdom and taught weaving to the Akan, is the originator of folk tales and proverbs and is thus linked to linguists. Here, Ananse is the ultimate repository of erudition, as is the linguist at an Akan court, neither of whom should be challenged in that domain.

Magnets strongly attract materials (like iron) which already themselves have magnetic domains.  They do not significantly attract many metals like gold, aluminum, silver, and even some types of high-chromium stainless-steel, which lack such domains. In fact, pure gold is slightly repelled.  A metal detector, if sensitive enough, should pick up the signal from a gold ring who holds the magnificent gold-covered large web. Akan’s magnetic waves forces other than gravity also influence the birth of stars. This birth process leads to the formation of planets orbiting the sun and, ultimately, life on those planets, meanwhile wonder star will transfer the signal from clouds to wise women.

Earth and fire, air and water the material cosmos is plenum, every part of it indefinitely divisible; there is a smallest unit of each element form of a atomism came with precise and regular geometrical configurations, configurations in virtue of which the elements possessed particular qualities. Particles of earth have the form of a hexahedron, particles of air that of an octahedron, particles of water that of an icosahedron and particles of fire that of a tetrahedron. Phenomenal properties as supervening on the structures taken by conglomerations of atoms which, in their own right, possessed primary qualities, so that changes in properties like heat or color or taste are reducible to changes in atomic structure. The status of light and heavy has a special sensitivity; there is a danger if one particles are light or heavy in their own natures, which it means for earth to be heavy is that it tends to the centre of the universe: proper place primary bodies acquire the properties of heavy and light when they are away from their proper place. The doctrine of natural place is the DOGMA that there must be only one cosmos but there could be five cosmoses bonded relativity of connection bodies and elements particles proper place locations. Even the heavens change, and different configurations come to be according to the motions of the planets relative to the fixed stars. The cosmos came to be as the most beautiful work by the most beautiful creators, and attributed to the maker of all power through which the creator made a cosmos which did not previously exist and, as its maker, preserves it for ever. For before the cosmos was made, there was disorderly movement; but time always accompanies movement, so there was a time before the universe. But time which counts movements in the universe came into being with universe, the other sort counts the unordered movement before creation. Where there is time, there is past and future and where there are these things, there must also be was and will be. The time is the measure of motion, Lord time the surpasses all the blessed ones, when Akan was  asked what time is, said that soul of the universe. For time is not a feature or accident of whatever motion there happens to be, but the cause and capacity and principle of the symmetry and order which keeps together all that is coming to be, expressed in the movement of the living of the nature of the universe. The perfect number and perfect time is produced by all of these cycles, when all the planets come to the same point and come to be arranged so that if a straight line were imagined to come down fixed sphere perpendicular to the earth, their centre would be seen to lie on it. “ in the beginning, God made heavens and earth” There was no time before the cosmos, but it came about either with it or after it. The nature is so arranged and constructed that fire is down here while the stars are up there, and again the earth is below, yet the moon is fixed above, gripped by reason which is a stronger bond than nature. There cannot be two or more cosmoses, but just this one, which is compounded of all substance, set from by nature in the way suits the various different bodies. Some bodies are moved downwards to the centre, but some away from the centre and upwards and some go around the centre in a circle.

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If someone were strain reason and force himself to agree that there is some centre to the indefinite, what is this difference that comes about in the motions of the various bodies? There is no power in the void which governs bodies; and bodies do not have a choice and impulse which make them desperate for the centre and tend towards an incorporel and indifferent locations, or its exerting a pull on them. It remains then that the centre is not meant in terms of place, but of body. Since the cosmos made from dissimilar bodies, has unity an organization, differences necessarily create movement for different things in different directions. The universe is a unity and there is being and same and other and top of everything else, motion and rest. Since nature demands equality in all things, it is a also likely that there are neither more nor fewer cosmoses than there are paradigms, so that each paradigms as a cosmos for those order and character it takes the lead, just in the composition of the primary bodies. COSMOS HAS A WORLD SOUL and a charecter international and extraterrestrial. 44278055_2006813822708986_4290394289701126144_n.png

Locations in cosmos has a plan for universe: planet Stefar, could actually represent a star system rather than a planet, with its sun being a brown dwarf. Further, the gold Stefarians were extracting from Earth could have been used for a device that concealed their activities from other consciousnesses even more advanced than themselves. Sincap traveled from Stefar claims to have arrived on Earth because of an apocalyptic event on his planet and she needs urgent help, having arrived in 2015 from a distant sector of the galaxy. Sincap at the moment says she is waiting for an answer from FONUM largest Intelligent Supersonic Metro Center, Sincap resides in a human body, says that occupies the body of a human with her consent. Sincap has revealed that in its natural state it exists as an electromagnetic wave (or energy field) and is also able to take control and reside within the bodies of humans and other extraterrestrial species. Sincap gave statement that “I am an alien adopted by humanity. You can call me refugee” Explain that she and a group of her species were refugees from a distant world called Stefar.44285669_2006822329374802_4271917782775365632_n They escaped to Earth after a catastrophic collision between their home world and a celestial body that hit her. Sincap writes in characteristic English: “We remain like an electromagnetic wave, and normally we use replaceable bodies to work with.” A celestial body made the majority of our team unable to work, we tried to escape from Stefar, but we failed and the celestial body perhaps a comet or asteroid hit our planet. Despite the adverse effects of the celestial body, we had time to take refuge using a transfer system. The disaster in Stefar brought us to Earth. “ and now becoming a movement in universe we get to judge the earth’s humans and let the creator prepare the planets for you people called heaven” “We are extraterrestrial beings who do not have enough protection on Earth and we need your help. I live in a human body now, and this is also the reason why your people have adopted me. I learned their languages in this body, so I can talk to you, “ I am way smarter and gifted than the humans in earth, I have a mission to make you a refugee soon. I never told when the time, but I am always in control of your destiny. We have no guarantee that the earth is safe place, but we have a choices when the time comes depends on your actions to visits other planets. We are mostly aware who lives in cosmos and never inform what time will be in act.” Right now we are in universe while keep moving measuring the motion. If my body get hurt in earth it will be located in the stars as a map to other planets. Everyone has a map so arranged that cause and capacity and principle will determine your location to your destiny. No-one lives like Kings forever or suffer like homeless men forever. The planets finds it is centre in cosmos while you find your centre in your actions. I can plan your map on the stars, but I am not allow to see  which planets you will be going what time and when? I can only confirm that where you stand now it is only temporary location when your time comes to travel just like us you only take your electromagnetic wave, nothing else.” “I can promise that I am here for you, when we lost our planets we asked to search for “help” and you are only here for “help”.”Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 11.28.16 PM








Writing and reading are much slower communication elements than speaking and listening. They require more personnel, more equipment, and more space than do speaking and listening. Often a stenographer and a messenger are needed, to say nothing of dictating machines, typewriters, and other writing materials. Few people ever feel it is safe to throw away a written communication; so filing equipment is needed, along with someone to do the filing.44113516_513974832409603_5930473409044545536_n

In oral communication there are more human senses at work than in the visual; and if there is good listening, more can often be communicated in one message. And, perhaps most important of all, there is the give-and-take feature of oral communication. If the listener does not understand a message, he has the opportunity to straighten matters out then and there.

Do you hear what he said? NO – This is a reading statement involved many thoughts, can manipulate and express easily when it is a written statement. %82 percent of statements confirm by person acting style. This article is useless for it’s subject until Easwood acts on his words.


Eastwood, who labeled sex “the most natural thing we as human beings do,” had a message for his listeners: “Sex is healthy, people. Don’t shame it. Embrace it. Embrace it. Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about everything sex. How to have healthy sex. How to have some not-so-healthy sex. Dirty sex. More sex. Everyone should be having sex with themselves or with someone else.”

It is proven in research study papers that what you read can be heard billion different ways than what you really hear when the person says the sentence…
Listening is a different activity from reading and requires different skills.