Media Engineer


I am Burcu Akan, operating as a Media Engineer on world network platforms, I work with devices and broadcast systems that are used across television, radio and new media. Mostly digital Media Engineers oversees the processing of digital audio/visual and photographic assets. “I create the circuitry that is necessary for the products to function.” The digital media engineers can test and verify circuitry such as mixed signal circuitry, I am mostly responsible to “communicate the messages and founding the disconnection” while breaking signal wires. Media engineering involves both the studio and transmitter aspects as well as remote broadcasts.  As a digital Media Engineer, I design and develop content for webs, video games, websites, graphics designers, behind the scene productions and marketing initiatives. Also breaking things are my special talent, I am program to work and break information technology and web analytics.  My purpose is in technology connecting dots with unreachable characters, dust it with scientific


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